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Salutations toall my Lovlies...


First off, 18+, so if you are not that age or of legal age to read stories of sex and kink, leave now.

Biggish Update: April 14, 2024

So the site is caught up with my publicly released stories, I have a feeling there are still some bugs,but hopefully it is readable.  Of course if you don't have time to check me here, keep track of my FM page:


I have a few captions (and my stories of course) available at Deviant Art:

Keep track of me at for public updates at Twitter/X

Of course I encourage you to join my Patreon, I do release things for free members every month, but I have much more for those who want to pay either $3 or $5 per month.
(be sure to click on the pinned public post to see what content is available for free and paid members:

Content Updates:

Click on the 2024 page, and you can see all the stories I've released publicly this year.  I had some formatting issues with Daemona Invocatio, so until I get that sorted, there is a link to the FM page.

Newest Stories: 

Lost and Found
Here (Complete)
Deviant Art (complete)
Fictionmania (Feminization half)
Part 1 and Part 2


Deviant Art

Newest Caption:

Newest free caption on Patreon:
A Night to remember with  Vampire!

Muah for now! 


You write such fantastic, sexually stimulating stories. I love them so much ! It's a good thing I keep in chastity like a good sissy otherwise I'd never be able to read them to the end !

a review from 'Prissy-sissy' on


Exciting!! Tastefully done and highly erotic! Hopefully more.

a review from 'Writedoctor' on

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